Data Analysis

The graphs and charts are used to classify data and keep everything organized in our lives. It is used everywhere, such as- selling and purchasing shares, company financial records and even our class list makes use of tables. Surveys, mathematical tables and many others make use of data analysis through graphs and tables. Making a shopping list and using graphs to keep track of expenses are more uses of that form of data analysis.I do not agree with that person. Different types of graphs are meant for different things and will give you a better understanding if you use them correctly. For example,it would be more practical if you use a line graph to show the movement of the stock market.

Pie charts-To show the fraction of things,people
Bar charts-Ideal for comparison.

ChengNgee, Sue Lun, Zi Ying

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  1. Dear Team

    Thanks for sharing briefly where graphs & charts could be found.

    Next, based on your everyday experience and observations, could you give a specific example how each type of representation is used?

    Someone commented "I can use any type of graphical representation for any kind of data. It all depends on my 'liking'."
    What is your view on this comment?