12 Jan (01): Mathematics & Me...

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  • the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics
  • what are some challenges you have experienced with the subject
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  1. My success and joys that I have experienced in learning Mathematics is that I have spent 1h doing a maths question and I finally finished it.
    Some challenges is that I sometimes cannot understand a topic and the teacher insisted on moving on.

  2. - My successes are learning the wonders of maths and getting to know more ways to complete a question
    - My challenges are not being able to complete some problems.

  3. One of the successes i have felt was when i finally managed to understand a difficult topic and when an easy question comes along during tests. For challenges, algebra regularly got me confused and even those relatively easy questions were a bit of a challenge to me. But thanks to my friends, i managed to overcome the problem soon after. =)


  4. I have experienced not much joys as i'm not really good in maths, however i have achieved a few success as i try my best to excel in maths. To me, maths can be quite fun at times and we always use it in our daily lives. The challenges that i have encountered are boring lessons, too much work and mostly maths questions that i do not understand.

  5. I have scored high marks and I can use it for my daily life. Maths is a very big subjects because there are so many topics. That is also why I feel it is challenging. But I feel like if I try my best I will succeed(in my exams)!

  6. My success and joys:
    When I learn a new formula for me to try out and practise. When I improve in Maths, I also feel happy

    Sometimes when I do not understand some formulas or some instructions, I feel lost and I will face some difficulty for the rest of the lesson.

  7. Being able to learn new things during mathematics classes make me happy as I am one step forward to achieving better in maths tests.
    I sometimes do not know how to solve maths problems but most of the time I am careless and my challenge is to be not as careless as i was before in primary school

  8. The success and joys that I have experienced in learning Mathematics is that I had an hour to do a test but I could not do one of the questions and in the end I finally finished it.
    The challenges I got was that I was unable to understand what my teacher was talking about.

  9. Getting full marks is the success I experienced in learning Mathematics.
    I don't understand the concepts! And I just learn it for the sake of examination. It had not been fun for me to learn Maths and I have no idea how to apply it into our real life context.

    Lai Ziying

  10. I feel very happy when I manage to solve mathematics problems which many people do not know how to solve.I also enjoy being able to score high marks in mathematics.
    I sometimes are very careless and as a result, I lose marks in exams so I think I need a lot of practice so I won't make so many mistakes.


  11. I experienced the joy when i passed my PSLE with an A* and i got to participate in a triathlon concerning a rubix cube challenge, word challenge and sudoku and got a 4th with my teammates. I spent a lot of time trying to solve the questions in the PSLE paper and also had difficulty in the ICAS maths primary school paper and the sudoku challenge.

  12. I experienced my success and joy in learning maths when I see the result of my effort.
    Challenges I experienced with math is sometime the lesson gets boring and I cannot stay attentive and will start to daydream. When it happen this way I will not understand what the teacher is talking about and the lesson would come to waste.

  13. The success and joys that I have experienced in learning Mathematics-
    Sucess-Well...After 6 years of hard work, I got an A* in the PSLE!
    Joys-I get a sense of achievement when I complete a sum.

    What are some challenges I have experienced with the subject
    -The NUS High Maths Olympiad that I took part in when I was in Primary School was TOUGH and I only got a honorable mention :(

  14. The success and joy I have experienced in learning Mathematics is solving difficult problem sums after some time. The challenges are learning and using completely new and foreign things in maths.

  15. The success and joys that I have experienced in learning Mathematics is mostly due to my classmates as I felt it was quite exciting tackling a tough Math problem together. I also feel really happy when I complete a tough problem after racking my brains over it.

    Challenges I experienced with Mathematics is due to all the tough questions I encounter. Sometimes, I get really frustrated trying to figure out the solution to those problems.

  16. My mathematics isn't the best, so to talk about the joys and success, I am not so sure.

    I am weak in 3D figures, geometry and mensuration.

  17. I would feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I got a correct answer to a challenging question. One of my success is achieving a good result in PSLE Mathematics. While learning Maths, I faced challenges like applying it in our daily life and solving difficult questions.

  18. The success: I scored an A* in math for PSLE (: I spent like over an hour doing 3 maths questions and finally found a good method in solving it. YAY!
    The joy: I love doing project work with my primary school classmates. I love doing the challenging sums as I get to brainstorm over it.

    Challenges: I couldn't understand some topics in primary school but I still manage to get it after multiple times of looking at the topic.


  19. I also have a hatred algebra. I'm weak at it too.

  20. And, I'm BAD in mental sums...

  21. I loved the times my teacher splits us in groups to take turns to go up to the board for a test as it was very fast and fun. I had an A* for Mathematics in PSLE and i was very happy. I also enjoy doing the extra brain questions that are not found in the textbook as when i do very well, I would get stickers pasted on my paper which my classmates and I like to compare with. I also like to go up to explain my answers to my classmates using the projector.

    the challenges i faced were when i could not understand how to get the answer and when i could not even start to answer the question. I would get very frustrated.

    THANK YOU! :D :D :D :D :D

  22. the successes i have experienced while learning math is that i came 2nd in class in my p5 SA1 examinations.some of the challenges i faced are that when i was given a new subject,i could not understand it.

  23. the joy i find in maths is when my friends teach me new syllables

    i am a weak person in maths thus i had to study alot