Asian Youth Games Singapore 2009 by Shamus

Statements : 

1. The game is held on June 29 to July 7 2009. (exact)
2. There are 10 events. (exact)
3. 15,000,000 was spent for the organization of the games. (approximate)
4. 1,400 performers from 20 schools and institutions took part in the opening ceremony. (approximate)

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  1. The figures seem ok, but do you have any idea why there are only 10 events for the Asian Youth Games? (as you may want to compare with that of the Youth Olympics).

    June 29 to July 7 2009 is the period of which the game is held, do quote the number of days that it is held (for the exact figure).

    Perhaps you could share the significance of the image on the top left corner? :P