Chap 3: Approximation & Estimation (TASK) Knowing Singapore (Chan Jing Jie)

Key Information
Has 3 terminals and serves 85 international airlines is an exact amount.
Over 4,500 flights every week and Over 37 million passengers a year are an approximated amount.



  1. Jing Jie

    Well done. You've got the key information out.
    Just a quick check.

    Just a quick comment on the images gathered. Any reason for picking "Emirates" over the national airline? :P Also, the image on the passengers is an illustration of one of the terminals?

  2. There is not much of a reason why i pick "Emirates" over the national airline.
    No, the picture is not an illustration off one of the terminals but it can be used to show that is how one of the terminals looks like when the passengers are boarding onto the plane.