Chapter 2 (Real Numbers): Revision

Go to ACELearning Portal > Subject > Sec 1 Express
Section: Arithmetic
Topic: Numbers
SubTopic: Numbers and Four Operations

Watch the following video lessons:
  • Numbers: This clip shows how we arrive at the relationship of the differnet types of numbers

  • Number Line
  • Integers
  • Negative Numbers

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Integers:

The video clips presented in the AceLearning Portal (for the 4 operations) differ from what is demonstrated in the classroom.

  • In the class: The manipulatives (AlgeTools) is used to explain the Concepts so that you have a better understanding of 4 operations of Integers.
  • In the AceLearning Portal: Number line is used.

Preparation for next week... (17 to 19 February)

View the video clips on:

  • Integers: Four Operations
  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Reciprocals

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