The Esplanade - Loh Cheng Ngee

161 and 2,800 are the exact figures
2,800 and 10 million are the approximate figures

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  1. Cheng Ngee

    The Esplanade Diary refers to the booklet which lists the events and performances that are held in the Esplanade. Would 2,800 be referring to the number of events that take place in the Esplanade?

    In the website, there's a webpage that shows a list of venues where we could pick up a copy of the diary:

    The approximated figure of visitors is useful to give the impression of its popularity; similarly, the number of seats in the Theatre is useful to organisers who intend to hold the event in there.

    As of 161 different performances, it's referring to the different types of performances held in the esplanade?