Reflecting about My Learning in Term 1...

It's been 10 weeks that we are in this Maths Classroom... we have covered 3 topics... we have tried a range of learning activities...

Let's recall and reflect ...

1. Share one or more things that you like about the Maths lessons, and you hope to continue seeing it happening in Term 2?

2. What are your challenges when learning the concepts and mastering the skills in Chapter 1 & Chapter 2?

3. Name one or more things that would help you learn better.


  1. 1. The decoding of the secret message and the Raindrops keep falling on my head.

    2. It is hard to get the basics right, however, when i got it. It is easier.

    3. I prefer more drills to drill myself more.

  2. 1.I like the fact that we do not have much homework and the lesson is quite interesting
    2.My challenge is the maths performance task and the maths test
    3.I think i need to manage my time better

  3. 1) The activity when we made the posters.
    2)My mental sums disappointed me and slowed me down when I am not equipped with a calculator...
    3)More applied activities such as the one when we designed the posters.

  4. I like the practices on ace-learning but not the copying it onto foolscap. I don't really like peer teaching. I hope that ms loh can let us play more challenging math games.
    The terms are a bit confusing.
    I want to have more practices on ace-learning! :)

  5. 1. I like the fact that the lessons are engaging and that there is a lot of group work. We could have some activities that require us to move around the school, like a treasure hunt with clues that involve maths.

    2. I mostly do not have problems except that i cannot recall anything, like the LCM.

    3. Revision papers would help. That was proven in primary school.

  6. 1. I like learning anything in Mathematics. Yes, I would like to continue seeing it happening in Term 2.

    2. I did not revise the mathematical concepts enough but I will try to because I am eager to start learning topics such as calculus.

    3. Doing more assessments

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  8. 1. More brain twister related math stuff

    2. Some of the points are too complex

    3. Efficient time management

  9. 1. I like the fact that there are a lot of group discussions and projects, and I hope that it will be a continuous exercise throughout the whole year.

    2. There is too much homework on some days, but overall it is fine.

    3. My learning device.

  10. 1. Code Games! :D 6am quiz! :D

    2. at first i did not understand when you add negative with positive numbers would get negative answers.

    3. more activities and games that has to link greatly with the topic so that we can have fun learning and be able to understand better.

  11. 1. I like the group activities and I hope that it would continue. Especially the performance task that was challenging but was a good learning experience.

    2. Too hard to remember the concepts on the Mac. I would rather have notes on paper and the textbook. I can read it anywhere where I cannot bring my Mac, on the train, or on the way home.

    3. More group work, so everyone can work together better.

  12. 1. I like the engaging lessons and the quizzes on the maths ace-learning portal.
    2. I have challenges understanding the methods and concept of the topics. I cannot remember LCM and HCF.
    3. I would like it if we can have more exercises with challenging questions or even revision papers. This would help.


  13. 1) Sudden quizes, humorous explanations and interesting content :D

    2) The challenge of revising the old topics :D

    3) More depth in the question content and clearer explanations ( not that your explanations aren't clear, its just to explain some related things :D)

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  15. 1. I liked online activities such as ace-learning.

    2. The challenges I faced were having trouble understanding some of the terms in Maths.

    3. Having more group activities which we have to think out of the box or apply what we have learnt for the answer.

  16. 1. I like the lesson where we create a fact sheet about places in Singapore and we learned about approximation and estimation.
    2. There are too many methods of solving the problems so I got confused.
    3. More pen and paper work.

  17. 1. I like the hands-on activities and the fact that we did not have many homework.

    2. i had to understand how to do some work like the performance task from Ms loh

    3. I need to manage my time better.

  18. 1. I like to learn new things and doing group research during the Maths lesson. I hope Ms Loh will organise more engaging activities to teach Maths topics in the following term.

    2. I have not faced any challenges when mastering Chapter 1&2 as I try to be attentive during Maths lessons and I always revise my worksheets in the file.

    3. She should also try to be a little more to pen and paper because we are too used to our Mac. I will also like to have drills and Speed & Accuracy Tests so as to improve my Maths.

  19. 1. I would like more internet activities like ace learning but not copying them down to foolscap
    2. I could not understand all the problems but after learning the foundations it is much easier.
    3. i would prefer more games and compettions

  20. 1.I like the "raindrops keep falling on my head" and that maths lesson is very interesting .
    2.My foundations of the concepts were not really good
    3.I need to manage my time better

  21. 1.
    I like the interesting lessons carried out by Ms Loh as the lessons are very different from the normal lessons.

    I do not really understand some of the concept in math and took quite a long time to absorb in the information.

    Do our work on paper more and use the macbook only when necessary as using the paper and pen method to learn has less distraction, though sometimes the macbook is needed.

  22. 1)the decoding of the of the secret message
    2) doing things on paper and getting notes as i learn better if all the facts are in one place
    3)i would like it if we used more of the text book and activity book :)

  23. 1. I like those interesting videos uploaded in our Maths blog, the quizzes and the interesting games in our Maths blog.

    2.I feel that I was only able to learn the concept after doing the acelearning quizzes. I think I need to do more assessments in order to master and apply the basic concepts.

    3. I want more calculation as this will train up our mind.