Reflecting what I achieved in Term 1...

You just received your Maths results...

1. Is it within your expectation?
Do you think you could have done better?

2. From your perspective, what has lead to what you achieved in the test?
What has gone well or gone wrong in the test?
If you were given a 2nd chance, what would you have done differently in your preparation?

3. What would you do so that you could do better in the next test?


  1. 1. Yes, I think that I could have done better.
    2. I should have been more careful and read the question carefully. I would have practise more questions in the textbook or workbook.
    3.I would train myself for speed and accuracy.

  2. 1.I think I could have done much better
    2.I havent practiced enough for the second chance i would drill myself more.
    3. This is extra but no matter what i will do well.

  3. 1) No. I could have done better.
    2)Nothing has gone well... I would have revised and put more effort.
    3)I would put more effort in my work and revised more. I did not really go through my work...

  4. No, i think i could have done better
    i did not have enough time and if i were given a second chance i would
    try to prepare more for the test by practicing the questions in the

  5. 1. Yes i could have done better.
    2. I did not spend my time on more drills and I should also revise more.
    3. I could have worked harder and revised more.

  6. 1) I think I could have scored full marks.

    2) I did not revise enough. I will do more assessment books

    3) I would practise and revise much more on Mathematics.

  7. I could have done much better if i had studied and was not so careless. Q6 went well while the other questions went wrong and directly off the proper way of doing it. If given a second chance, i would have revised properly(since i didn't) and look through the files and textbook. I would study harder and not burn the midnight oil or not study for the next test.

  8. 1. I think I could have done way much better.

    2. I did not have enough preparation for this test as there were two tests on that day. Given a 2nd chance, I think i would have revised more and manage time better.

    3. I would start preparing for tests earlier and asks questions on things that I am not sure of.

  9. My Maths Test Result:
    1. The results I got is not within my expectations. I think I could do much better.
    2. I had a problem in drawing the timeline. I also had problems in adding as I have used the calculator too much. I would revise more on HCF and LCM.
    3. I would revise occasionally and do much more practices.


  10. Yes, I could have done better. What went wrong in the test was already expected. I had been used to write very illegible, but nobody mind my writing, so when I had to write neater working, I ran out of time. If I ever had a second chance, I would definitely try harder next round. I would attempt to work without a calculator and improve my handwriting.

  11. 1. NO !!!
    yes i could have done better and should have planned well to be able to have adequate preparation for the two tests on that day,

    2. I think i could have read the questions carefully and have better time management and could have planned better on what to study first and prioritize.

    3. I would revise more often instead of only the day before the test to be more well equipped for the test

  12. 1. Yes I think that I could have done better.
    2. I did not have the chance to revise more methods. I will prepare earlier to avoid rushing at the last minute.
    3. Prepare early and clarify any doubts about concepts or methods.

  13. 1)Yes, I think I could have done better.

    2) I didn't know that (-) negatives need to be bracketed, thus leading to the loss of three marks
    I have a decent amount of careless answers.I would get the latest information of what the school is learning and revise it immediately that night.

    3) I will be more careful, also remember the bracket of negatives.

  14. 1. It is not within my expectation

    2. I had trouble when I tried to cube root the numbers, so I need to improve on my multiplication tables.
    If I was given a 2nd chance, I would revise more and prepare for the test earlier. I would also consult the teacher on my doubts.

    3. I would manage my time better and revise my notes more. I would also ask for help from the teacher.

  15. 1. Is it within your expectation?
    No, its not.... I could have done better.

    2. From your perspective, what has lead to what you achieved in the test?
    I had a bad time management and did not read my question properly.
    I would have done better if i read more on the topic and asked my teacher to help me with things I did not know.
    3.I would ask teacher if i have any problems and manage my time better.

  16. It is within not my expectation. My results is horrendous compared to my results in primary school. I have barely enough time during test as I am too used to the Mac and the calculator. I am not well-prepared for my test. As a result, I almost passed the test. If I am given a second chance, I will revise more.

  17. 1. No, it is way beyond my expectation of myself. I believe I could have done a lot better.

    2. I only roughly revised for my test as I did not manage my time well. If I were given a second chance, I would have revised thoroughly for my test and finished it way before the test.

    3. I would manage my time well and used the time efficiently. I would have prepare sufficiently for my test.

  18. 1. It is within my expectation as I expected myself to score LESS than what I had scored.
    I feel that I could have done better if I did not have that careless mistake and I must study more and be exposed to more math questions in order to improve.
    2. I have been attentive in class so I know what is going on and thus know how to do those questions. I am naturally very careless but with my knowledge I can score quite well .
    3. I can practice and do more math questions so as to be exposed to different kind of questions.

  19. 1. I feel that I could have done much better if I had prepared more thoroughly for the test.

    2. However, I feel nothing has went wrong or well in the test. I would have clarified any doubts I had with my teacher so I would have understood everything she taught me.

    3. I would have revised all the work which I had done before the test.

  20. 1. Is it within your expectation?
    The result is beyond my expectation honestly. I did not have time to check all my answers and I was in a rush to complete the paper. Also, I was unsure of some of my workings. Now I get the result, and I think I should go over the workings myself so to be confident about my work.

    2. From your perspective, what has lead to what you achieved in the test?

    I guess part of the reason is experience. The more types of questions one has come across before, the more the person will be familiar with the questions and will be able to answer the question more quickly than others. Definitely, we need to think clearly before we do anything-To sort out the information given. Maths needs practice and one has to know his weaknesses in Mathematics and try to strengthen his weaknesses to do better.

    3. What would you do so that you could do better in the next test?

    I need to pay attention in class and pay more attention to my work!!!!!

    (The missing arrows on the first question)

    If I had been more attentive in that Maths lesson, I would not have thought that the arrows were only needed when there is not a specific range of numbers given.