Algebra Assignment 1 & 2 (assigned on 1 April )

Each of us is going to take charge of our class's learning.
We are going to contribute answers to of the questions in this assignment.
Take a picture of your answer and post it on this blog (as a co-author)

As our work will be a reference to everybody in the class, it would be our responsibility to ensure that the working is clear and the presentation is neat.

It is your contribution to the class.
Please indicate the subject title clearly (e.g. Alegbra: Assignment 2 No. 1(a)).

Deadline: Post it up by today (5 April)...

Who is contributing which part?

Assignment 1
Q1(a) Grace. Q1(b) Sue Lun. Q1(c) Ziying. Q1(d) Zhi Qi. Q1(e) Cheng Ngee. Q2(a) Sher Li. Q2(b) Bryan. Q3(a) Jing Jie. Q3(b) Zhi Chao. Q3(c) Guang Jun. Q4(a) Harsh. Q4(b) Joshua Loh. Q5(a) Joshua Ma. Q5(b) Mayur. Q5(c) Kai Chek

Assignment 2
Q2(a) Shamus. Q2(b) Shawn. Q3(a) Soh Fan. Q3(b) Jonathan. Q3(c) Jianhui. Q3(d) Ming En. Q3(e) Calvin. Q3(f) Ms Loh - submitted. Q3(g) Ms Loh - submitted. Q3(h) Ms Loh - submitted