Chap 16 Data Handling - When to use What?

During the lesson, we briefly discussed the following. Here are some key observations surfaced by each group

(1) Tables
  • Organised data by groups
  • It allows comparison
  • Relationship
  • Data could be raw or processed (after calculation)
(2) Bar Graph/Chart
  • It allows comparison and is easy to see visually, by the length/height of the bar
  • E.g. Population of a country over time (by years)
  • It also makes comparison of items belonging to the same kind/family - e.g. In the family of colours, the number of people who voted a colour of their choice
  • Raw data
(3) Pie Chart
  • Percentage, Fraction
  • Part of a whole (100%)
  • Comparison by percentage
  • Can really read raw data from the pie chart
(4) Line Graph
  • Over time
  • Shows trend (patterns)
  • Rate of change

We also learnt terms like RAW data and PROCESSED data.

Here's the clip that help us to recall how we arrive at the above key points:

(Click HERE if the embedded video clip does not work)

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