Chap 4 Algebra... Calculating my BMI

Do you know what does BMI 'tell'?

Let's find out HERE what it is...

Where do the categories and range originated from?
Do you think the range of BMI for each category applies to everyone world wide?
Click HERE to

Retrieve the NUMBERS template in the GoogleSite (for your class) and check...
What does your BMI say about you?

The Challenge: Create a BMI calculator that is suitable for Asians (in particular, Singaporean)
For those who take up the challenge, email your NUMBERS file to Ms Loh.
The 1st three correctly designed number templates will win a prize.
To-date (4 April), 5 entries received from S1-01...

  • Sue Lun
  • ZhiQi
  • Calvin
  • Shamus
  • Soh Fan

Who's BMI worked well? Check out the GoogleSite