Chap 5 Algebra: Let's SPLIT

In pairs, create a short videoclip to explain clearly how you would expand the ONE of the following expressions

(A1) 4m(7 + 3n)
(A2) 10 (6m² + 0.5m + 4)
(A3) (m + 2)(m + 5)
(A4) (3m + 2n)²

  • Each clip should not be longer than 1 minute.
  • Make sure your voice is clearly captured.
  • You may use PhotoBooth or QuickTime to accomplish the task - keeping in mind the file size of the video clip should be as small as possible.
  • Upload the clip into the Maths blog, stating the question as well as your name as your title of the post.

Upload the post by end of tomorrow (30 June 2010, 6 pm).


Afternote (posted on 1 July 2010):

Up to last night, the following have uploaded the videoclips

  • Zhi Qi & Joshua Ma
  • Shawn & Jing Jie
  • Cheng Ngee & Su Lun
  • Jonathan & Mayur
  • Guang Jun & Bryan
  • Shamus & Ziying
  • Harsh & Calvin
  • Ming En, Joshua Loh & Jianhui
  • Sher Li & Grace
  • Zhi Chao & Soh Fan

Good attempt and good effort :)

The rest... please complete your clip and submit... it's an opportunity for you to practise and gather feedback to sharpen your presentation for the task (a viva) end of this term...


  • What useful pointer did your observe amongst your classmates presentation?
  • What are some learning points and suggestions you should to take note of when doing the next video clip to explain mathematical solutions?
  • Go to the blog post and leave a comment :)