Maths A2

By mee~ :D i sound HORRIBLE (:


  1. To help us understand how you arrive at the answer, you could probably have both the question and answer on the same slide when describing the steps.

    The diagram method would help to illustrate the 'expansion' in a clearer manner.

    In terms of presentation, the 'power' should be represented as a superscript.
    Also, need not decorate :)


  2. Grace, u might want to do the arrows thing to further explain how you derived at the answer! But, i enjoyed your video! :D

  3. Name Pranavi
    Class 105
    I think that the explanation in the video was not clear enough as there was mostly only audio and there was very little illustrations but the video was good.

  4. Your voice was clear and audible. :) You could have put the question together with the solution to make it clearer. Good video. :D

    Carisa from S1-02