The maths recording by Joshua Ma and Lim Zhi Qi, Crimson

Dear all, this is a video by the combined effort of Joshua Ma and me. It is kind of messy so please try to understand....


  1. Good to use words like "expressing" or "rewriting" to describe that (3m+2n)² is rewritten as a "product"...

    Would be good to guide the viewer by pointing how you get "3m" to multiply (3m+2n), etc. Otherwise the might be seen as reading directly from the paper.

    The diagram would explain the concept behind the solution pretty well. Try that :)

  2. Hey :) Kenneth here.

    You did not explain the expansion of the brackets (____x____=____) And your work is a little messy... Other than that, your work is good :) Well done :) Hee Hee :D

  3. This presentation has a very good explanation the words you use are appropriate to this subject. You could try printing the sums instead of writing it as it may be hard to read.

  4. The video has a good explanation, sound is clear and understandable. The words are written on one side which is also quite hard to see.

  5. You might want to explain how you "Break Them Up"
    The M's and N's are also very confusing, it would be better if you speak slowly or replace M and N with another letter.

  6. The video has very good explanation for the question. However, you can improve your work by either rewriting on a clean sheet of paper or printing it out. Keep up the good work!

    Preston Ngoui
    Class 1-09