Question A4_Jian Hui, Joshua Loh and Ming En


Sorry for posting late.


  1. Okay :). Anyway thanks a lot Joshua Loh! Nice presentation.

  2. Thank you :)

    Indeed, like the start with you start circling the 2 terms to show the audience that when these 2 terms multiplied together, then that's what we get :)

    How would you explain the product of the 2 factors using the diagram?

    On another note, did you first write on a plastic sheet then show the other side while recording? Well, if that's the case, I thought it's brillant :)


  3. Do I have to make another video? I can if need to. :)

  4. The explanation is clear and the circling of the items is useful in letting the audience understand the steps better.

  5. Hi! Joshua Loh, you might want to move the paper nearer to the screen as i could not see the algebraic expressions clearly when you explain how we can get 12mn.
    Anyways, it is still good! :D

  6. What useful pointer did your observe amongst your classmates presentation?
    - Very clear voice and explanation of the equation.
    - A good innovative way to solve the problem of the "mirror image"
    What are some learning points and suggestions you should to take note of when doing the next video clip to explain mathematical solutions?
    - Writing the solution step by step to clearly show the audience the steps and explanations

  7. Very good explanation. Circling is a good way of letting people identify what you are currently talking about.

  8. Great idea on writing on plastic! Clear explanations and clever ideas. This way I think we are able to comprehend your message clearly.

  9. It is quite a good effort. Using a marker to circle the equation is a very good method. However, the equation was not very clear. Maybe it is because of the plastic sheet.

  10. The video is quite good and the explanation is very clear.

    Nice use of the plastic sheet, much less effort required.

    However, I agree with Ms Loh about the background.

  11. Ok, thanks for all your comments! :D