Video Done By Sher Li :D

Thank you and enjoy! It's a bit simple, sorry...


  1. Thanks for the 'entertainment' :)
    I think Prezi is not a good choice as it tends to display a line at one time. So, it's not easy to follow.

    Check again, (3m + 2n)² when expanded, what does it give? Only 2 terms?
    Try to use the rectangular diagram to uncover all the parts and simplify from there.

    One criteria: We want to HEAR how you describe the steps to explain the solution.

    Try again and insert the clip in this same post.

  2. I like the movement of the words throughout the presentation, but the music in the background is rather irritating, and not relevant. Anyway, good job.

  3. I like your presentation sher! :D sowwie i din noe you still working wif me :( The music i know its your favourite song but... i think you should have explained your equation instead :)