Lesson Notes- 27 August

Some things to note:
Quadratic Expansion (Factorisation)
1) (a+b)(a+b) = (axb)(axa)+(bxa)(bxb)
 2) a^2 + b^2 IS NOT ( a+b)^2
3) Do the expansion systematically
4) Write in alphabetical order so as to avoid a x b NOT= b x a
5) Write in order of power and u get =) Examiners

Notes for the topic: Linear Equations
1) Convert all equations to y=mx+c
2) Rise/Run -> Order matters
3) Drawings/sketches are a TOOL and NOT for ANSWERS
4) Example question:
y= 1/2x+c
so one has to substitute in (6,0) into the equation
so : 0 = -1/2(6) + c
ans: c= 3
y= 1/2x+3

Practice Question:
Line A cuts through the y-axis at (0,6) and it cuts the x-axis at (-6,0). Find the equation of the Line A.

Note: Sorry for being late in posting this up by a day. :(
Done by: Jonathan Soh- S101

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