Summary of Math lesson (24 August)

In today's Math Lesson, we learnt about x-intercept, turning point and line of symmetry.

1. Quadratic equations only occurs when two linear equations are multiplied with each other, provided that x²  is the greatest power in the equation.
e.g y = (x+2)(x-4)
         = x²  - 2x - 8

2. Quadratic equations are symmetrical. Line of symmetry lies on the turning point.

3. The roots of the resultant quadratic equation are the same as the individual linear equations

4. Calculate turning point: 
x = turning point = (root) + (root) / 2 

e.g x = 1 = 4 + (-2) / 2 
Refer to pic above

Putting on your thinking cap: 
Why, for point number 4, must the (root)+(root) be divided by 2? 

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  1. You may also want to ask, what would be the value of y when you put the value of x at the turning point into the equation? What is the significance of that value of y?