6 AM Quiz (b): Gradients? Do We Have?

We describe a straight line with gradient and y-intercept.
We can therefore express them in the form of y = m x + c, where m is the gradient while c is the y-intercept.

We describe a parabola with the following generic form: y = ax² + bx + c.
So, does a parabola have any gradient?
Justify your response...


  1. No, a parabola has no gradient. Reason 1: A parabola is not a straight line. Reason 2: According to the equation given, "y = ax^2 + bx + c" is not equivalent to "y = mx + c", as the first equation does not have an "m" whereas the latter does. Since "m" represents the gradient, the first equation (parabola) has no gradient.

  2. @Jiahui

    You are right that "y = ax^2 + bx + c" is not equivalent to "y = mx + c". Hence, by comparing the general form, we would not be able to find any 'commonality'.

    Hm... may want to explore what happens to the parabola when "a" becomes extremely small...

    Let's see if anyone wants to make that attempt :)