6 AM Quiz (a): Do We Meet?

Do Parallel Lines Meet?
"Yes" and "No".


  1. No. Since they have the same gradient, they will go on forever without intercepting each other.

  2. In ordinary lines or geometry, parallel lines do not meet, as they continue forever and they do not intersect each other.

    However, in other forms of geometry, there is a point called "infinity". All lines meet at infinity.

    So, the answer to the question, "Do parallel lines meet?" can be defined as "yes" and "no".

    Source: http://www.math.toronto.edu/mathnet/questionCorner/infinity.html

  3. @Joshua @Jianhui

    Good try! You've answered 50% to the question corectly. Haha...

    Perhaps Jiahui could try explaining it in a more layman term? Hm...

    Think can leverage of Joshua's explanation... Hm... any exceptional case?


  4. Parallel Lines do not meet. The term parallel means that the distance between each point is equal at any point of the line. Example: If a line is 50m long and has a parallel line below it by 2cm, at point a, which is 10m down, the distance between the two lines are the same as at point b, 40m from the line, which is 2cm. The lines will remain 2cm apart and will not intercept. In graphs, parallel lines do not meet. no matter straight lines, vertical lines or horizontal lines. If two vertical or horizontal lines are parallel, if one of them becomes not parallel (meaning it becomes a straight line) the two lines WILL meet at a point. and the gradient of that line will change. if two lines are parallel in graphs, the gradient will be the same. when one line suddenly becomes not parallel, the gradients will not correspond and thus two lines are NOT PARALLEL. Thus I conclude, parallel lines do not meet.

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