Chap 9.2 RATE (L5)

Try this exercise:

Grace left home at 6.30 am to walk to school. 10 minutes later, her brother Shamus saw her wallet on the dining table. He grabbed the wallet and hopped onto his bicycle and rode after Grace.

Shamus rode his bicycle 3 times as fast as Grace walked. What time was it when Shamus caught up with Grace?
Since the school is 800m from home, did Shamus reach Grace before she arrived at school?
  • Can you find when Shamus caught up with Grace?
  • Did Shamus areach Grace before she arrived at school?
Use the following to guide you...
  • What information do you know from the problem?
  • What else do you need to know to solve the problem?
  • Pick a reasonable number for the information you need.

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